Social responsiblity

what is gotten from society is to be given to 

Following the principle of benefit and feedback, UNITEX LOGISTICS LIMITED gives back to the society generously, and implements its corporate social responsibility with all kinds of activities. For example, in 2008, when a massive earthquake struck China’s WenChuan, corporate as well as all members gives instant assistance to the disaster area, performing corresponding responsibility. We make our efforts to the aid of poor students, left-behind children and those in quake-hit areas around China. As a representative of international corporate, being bold in liability is to contribute our efforts to social advancement.


SOS children villages of sponsorship program in Chengdu, China.


SOS children village in Chengdu, China, as a new social welfare institution, is established by international organization of SOS children villages and the Chengdu government together, located at Huazhaobi Street, yingmenkou, Chengdu since 1997. With the model of family education, children whose parents were both dead, living in Sichuan and the neighboring provinces will be exclusively accepted in order to help them regain the mother’s love and warm family.



We firmly believe children are our future and hopes, thus UNITEX anticipates helping those children by sponsorship way after contacting with children village. From the beginning of 2011, sponsorship actions are taken in children’s life, study and growth. We unexpectedly receive letters of thanks written by ShuTing, QingYang, and Bibin this year. ShuTing , grade six, is facing the entrance examination for junior high schoolafter finishing the elementary school.QingYang, a football trainee,has been admitted to the junior high school this term.In the daily life, he diligently studies not only the training of football but the fundamental courses as well.His goal is to enter the senior high school. BiBin, grade five, studies very hard in school. Because of the passion of Taekwondo, he has been carried to take the exam this August. Finally, he has successfully passed and gained the Yellow Belt as expected. We want to give back to people in need of help through our strength, driving more social groups into the career of social feedback.


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