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Unitex exhibition logistics team is mainly responsible for Exhibition Cargo Transport. 

Unitex exhibition logistics team is mainly responsible for Exhibition Cargo Transport.  With its high standard service, it has been approved to be a member of IELA organization. According to those industry experts, there is only less than 150 numbers in the whole world legalized by IELA at present.

By virtue of our staffs equipped with professional knowledge, abundant experience and sufficient patience, we will provide clients one-stop and customized logistics solution for satisfying the need of exhibitors and commercial activities. OP staffs with strong responsibility for many years are familiar with the rules and regulations for any special and particular exhibits in overseas. Our company as well as overseas partners has special warehouse for particular exhibits and professional mechanisms & workers, serving a series of tallying cargo, shipping mark handing, palletizing and packing.

We know well the timeliness, security and significance of exhibits transportation through long-term experience. In one word, we can confirm exhibits will be accurately delivered to booth in good condition.

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