International Freight Shipping | China's rail-water container traffic at ports up 20.1% YoY from January to August

2022-09-30 17:11
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International Freight Shipping | China's rail-water container traffic at ports up 20.1% YoY from January to August

International freight shipping news: With 25 years of experience in freight forwarding, Unitex provides a fast and high-quality sea freight service for customers worldwide. According to the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Transport held a regular press conference in September on September 28. Guo Qingsong, deputy director of the Water Transport Bureau of the Ministry of Transport, introduced the Ministry of Transport's efforts to build a safe and convenient, intelligent and green, economically efficient, and strong support for the world's most advanced world-class ports, and made every effort to promote the high-quality development of ports.
First, efforts to enhance the port's service security capacity In-depth implementation of the "construction of a strong transport infrastructure" and "national comprehensive three-dimensional traffic network planning outline" for coal, crude oil, iron ore, containers, liquefied natural gas, and other large-scale specialized terminal construction as the focus, and constantly improve the modernization of coastal terminals to a large-scale, professional level; accelerate the scale of inland river port areas; and constantly optimize the layout of the transport services network.
Second, make every effort to ensure the smooth operation of the port. The implementation of the State Council joint prevention and control mechanism requirements, the timely optimization and adjustment of the epidemic prevention and control guidelines, strengthening the port high-risk positions staff epidemic prevention and control measures, to guard the water transport outside the input line of defense, strengthening the key regional linkage, and promoting the supply chain of industrial chain stability and smoothness. At present, China's port production safety and stability, smooth and orderly operation, the main indicators of stability and improvement. From January to August this year, China's port cargo throughput completed 10.25 billion tons, flat year-on-year; container throughput of 190 million TEUs, an increase of 4.1%.
Third, actively promote the restructuring of transport. Deepen the implementation of the General Office of the State Council's "to promote the development of multimodal transport to optimize the adjustment of transport structure work program (2021–2025)" to promote the development of container rail-water transport. From January to August this year, the national port completed the container rail-water intermodal transport volume of 5.812 million TEU, an increase of 20.1%.
Fourth, vigorously promote the digital transformation of ports. Deeply promote port and shipping operation documents, as well as the entire logistics of electronic communication; vigorously promote non-contact operations; paperless operations; and the use of electronic container release platforms in most international hub seaports.While promoting the construction of automated container terminals, we are promoting the application of self-developed automated container terminal production management systems and equipment control systems and expanding the application of automated terminal technology in river ports.
Fifth, accelerate the construction of green ports. From January to August this year, the Yangtze River Economic Zone ships used more than 46 million degrees of shore power. Electricity consumption has exceeded the total of the first three quarters of 2021; Bohai Bay inter-provincial passenger ro-ro vessels use more than 2.9 million degrees of shore power, which has reached 2.8 times the annual 2021. vigorously promote the application of clean energy in ports and actively build a "zero carbon" terminal in the Beijiang port area of Tianjin port, Qingdao port automated terminal phase II equipment "zero emissions" and other demonstration projects.
Sixth, to create a safe port. Recently, we have been focusing on port enterprises around large oil storage tanks to carry out "a library of a policy" and other issues management, with a focus on dangerous goods port operations to organize a major inspection of production safety, strengthen port security emergency response capacity building, and ensure a stable port security situation.
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